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At Sector Rotation we understand successful investing stems from a didactic process that serves to improve knowledge and understanding of how wealth is accumulated and preserved. It is our goal to be your beacon of light; offering you clarity and vision in a world that is constantly transforming itself with ever changing conditions. We speculate all over the map, we speculate short-term and long-term; we look at the underlying trends and try to deploy our capital as best we can, given the current conditions.

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SHORT TERM: We employ predictive probability models to forecast the direction of sectors based on a combination of cyclical, historical seasonal, and repeating patterns, plus multiple weighted T.A. data points.


LONG TERM: We focus on weighted exposure to all sectors with special attention to select equities that offer potential extraordinary gains.

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because shift happens... "Sector Rotation" is always happening, both between and within sectors. There are many forces at play, micro & macro, don't navigate blindly; we will help put matters into perspective...



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Once you find an equity, or commodity, or index, or whatever and attain a comfort level about where it may go then use these option strategies to play it:


I'm Feeling Bullish [Strategies]

   Long Calls, Covered Calls,

   Protective Put, Bull Call Spread,

   Bull Put Spread, Call Back Spread,

   Call Back Spread,

   Naked Put

I'm Feeling Neutral [Strategies]

   Reversals, Conversions,

   The Collar, The Straddle (Long),

   The Strangle, The Butterfly,

   Ratio Spreads, The Condor,

   Calendar Spread

I'm Feeling Bearish [Strategies]

   Long Puts,

   Naked Call,

   Put Back Spread,

   Bear Call Spread,

   Bear Put Spread,



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Short-listed computerized stock screener results for further DD (these are NOT recommendations):


1) Micro-Cap Deals watch list

Each stock has a market capitalization of less than $500 million, a float of no more than 70% of outstanding shares, and a share price of $5 or less. When it goes above $5, it is removed from the list: [xls]

2) Small-Cap Deals watch list

Each stock has a market capitalization of less than 1.5 Billion and stocks priced $5 - $25: [xls]

3) Low Risk Small-Cap screen

Stocks of dividend paying companies with earnings and stocks priced from $3 to $15 per share: [xls]


4) Micro-Cap Value & Small-Cap Value watch list

Short- & Intermediate-Term stocks list is updated bi-monthly (end of February, April, June, August, October, December), except in a volatile market (end of each month). Each stock has a market capitalization of at least $25 million, but less than $1.5 billion. The Micro-Cap & Small-Cap stocks have PEG ratios of 1.25x or less: [xls]

5) Mid-Cap Value & Large-Cap Value

Long-Term stocks list is updated quarterly (end of March, June, September, & December), except in a volatile market (end of each month). This group of stocks typically does not change from month to month, but over a period of time. Each stock has a market capitalization of at least $1.5 billion. The Mid-Cap & Large-Cap stocks have PEG ratios of 1.50x or less; and pays cash dividends: [xls]


Successful Investors need to know not only "what" a company does, but more importantly, they need to know "why".'s aims to only get involved [invest] with companies in various sectors that meet our strict conditions; 1) commitment to maximizing shareholder value, 2) solid business model with a plan of action, 3) quality management to accomplish what is needed to make success a reality.

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