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Below are our targets & directional bias for S&P500, Oil, Natural Gas, Gold, Silver, & Forex EUR/USD


S&P 500  Large Cap Index - 3 year chart with Moving Averages, & Chaikin Money Flow:



Insight on the S&P 500: It appears the first rate hike by the Fed (being proposed) will not have a big negative influence despite it coming late in the bull cycle for equities and while stocks are expensive. But it is important to note that although the markets have had up-moves last week it was on very low breadth (number of advancing stocks to declining stocks), this means there is not a lot of conviction to the move. Remember the following investing mantra; A) The trend is your friend, B) “DON’T FIGHT THE FED” – Many do not believe the central banks (and for good reason), but If you bet against them just remember "The market can stay irrational much longer than you can stay liquid." The real problem is we don’t know if they are just jawboning more or if are they serious (it’s been over 9 years since an actual rate hike of any kind so excuse me for being skeptical & if it does happen it will likely be made clear it is a “One and Done” rate hike and the equities market will look to the likelihood of the next rate hike – which will be low).

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Oil  West Texas Intermediate Light Crude - 3 year chart:



Insight on Oil: On Monday Nov. 23, 2015 Saudi officials discussed the need to do "whatever it takes" to stabilize the oil market and oil prices jumped, then 2 hours later the price dumped as traders said they did not believe them.

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Natural Gas  - 3 year chart:



Insight on Natural Gas: N/A.

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Gold - 3 year chart:



Insight on Gold: Eric Sprott on Gold this weekend past: “Everything says to me that the demand for gold is in excess of the supply. And, of course, you wonder why the price would go down, but people look at the COMEX which stays manipulated, which is so obvious to me what’s going on. We have 5 tons of physical gold. We have something like 1500 tons of claims against that 5 tons. So to be quite direct about your question, yes, I kind of wonder any day, is somebody going to snatch those 5 tons of gold, and we end up with some kind of cash settlement. But then you have to think, if we would have a cash settlement, having taken gold from 1900 down to 1100, all under the threat of a rate increase for the last 5 years, which has never happened and may not ever happen, and then all of a sudden they’re like “well, really there is no gold here, we’ll just cash settle it at $1,100.” Meanwhile, we’ve lost $800 on a false claim. And perhaps maybe people in the know know about this, they keep the price of precious metals suppressed because they are the canary in the coal mines.

There’s no way we should have a strong dollar here. We haven’t even begun to deal with the issues that are facing the U.S. public, i.e., Social Security, Medicare, everything so far is a lie.


I mean, I can’t believe inflation’s 2% when pretty well every individual in the U.S. just on their healthcare policy, just on that policy alone, their cost went up 2% a year. On everything. Just on healthcare, because it’s probably 20% in healthcare, you get a 10% increase, that’s a 2% increase. So whether or not anything else goes up, there’s a 2% increase. And they don’t throw in grants and education and all those other things that are going up. Inflation numbers are massively understated, everything’s a lie.


I don’t believe the jobs report from last Friday, the ADP number, it’s all a lie. And I sort of ask why do they have to lie about everything? Well, you know why they have to lie about everything… Because we don’t have an economic recovery happening, and they’ve got to pretend there is one. And so when you get these funny numbers that come out that suggest we have strength when deep down you know there’s no strength. Look at the truckloads, the rail car load increase, the cost of chartering a ship, the Baltic rate, they’re all going to new lows here.”

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Silver - 3 year chart:



Insight on Silver: Same story as Gold seen above.

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EUR/USD : [chart] - 3 year chart:


Insight on EUR/USD: The path of least resistance for EUR/USD is resuming its underlying bearish trend from here with a $1.05 target, on its way to parity.

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